Calumet Yacht Club

Calumet Yacht Club
4025 East 102nd Street
Chicago, IL 60617
Mailing Address: 7547 Oak Grove Ave
Justice, IL  60458-1340

Annual Meeting:
3rd Tuesday of January
Regular Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month
Initiation Fee:  $250.00
Annual Dues:   $425.00

Commodore Francis Finn
734 205th Place
Dyer, IN 46311-1125
Vice Commodore Don Koster
Rear Commodore James Williams
Treasurer Dale Roberts
Secretary Richard G. Nore
523 Mulberry Ct.
Glenwood, IL 60425-1716
LYMA Delegates Jim Gornick
Dale Roberts
Jeffrey J. Sadula
Directors Frank Glanowski
Jim Gornick
Kenneth Graczyk
James Minor
Don Morrow
Rich Noonan
Larry Salus
Richard Schwartz
James Solczak