LMYA Individual Membership


Most boaters join a yacht club for a place to use and store their boat. The LMYA exists to enhance those experiences and make sure that others in the future will be able to do likewise. The LMYA expands the horizons of boaters. It brings new people to different places.  We encourage camaraderie and education among members. Though the exclusive Cruising Card™ no other organization can offer you a better investment in boating’s future.

Yacht clubs join as a voting members of the LMYA which then makes further benefits available to individuals who belong to these LMYA member clubs. There are two types of individual membership — Sustaining and Life. A sustaining member pays annual dues and renews the membership. A Life member pays once and is a member for life. All members get the SPREADER newsletter. It’s a periodic email update on all that is happening in boating on Lake Michigan. All sustaining and life members get the CRUISING CARD™ with nearly 50 offers of FREE Nights of Boat Slipage and other discounts.

If you are a member of one of the affiliated clubs listed on this site,  you are already eligible to join. Boaters and other non-club organizations can become a contributing member. Such applications must be made to the Board of Directors for consideration.

For a simple comparison, the LMYA is similar to the ”NRA” of boating. We are a group of people who get involved. We are interested in our sport. We want to improve the sport and increase the ways we can utilize boats and water sport activity. Recently …we are supporting the efforts to open the FOX locks in Wisconsin …we are fighting to clean up toxic hot spots in Illinois…we are fighting restrictive anchoring laws in Indiana…we are watching restrictive and prohibitive so called ”grey water” discharge legislation in Michigan. We need your support. You need to be a part of the LMYA!


Because of the LMYA’s relationship with clubs and boaters it can exclusively offer the CRUISING CARD™. Issued annually only to life and sustaining members, this includes offers of FREE dockage, discounts and FREE merchandise. NO other organization has as large a program on Lake Michigan! And it is included FREE with your sustaining or life membership dues. If every offer was used the boater could potentially save over $600 based on cruising using a 30 foot boat.