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Welcome Aboard!

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Founded in 1894 in Racine, Wisconsin, the Lake Michigan Yachting Association is the Midwest’s most prestigious association of those who love the water and boating in any of its many forms on Lake Michigan and its tributaries.

2014 Chicago Riverwalk Construction Project

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(Chicago River Main Branch between Wabash Ave Bridge and Franklin/Orleans St Bridge)

As you may be aware, Phase II of the Chicago Riverwalk Construction Project is underway on the Main Branch of the Chicago River. Throughout the entire 2014 boating season the width of navigation channel will be dramatically reduced. As a result, vessels will have restricted ability to manuver.

As part of the construction project, there are several barges in place between the Wabash Avenue Bridge and Franklin/Orleans Street Bridge. These barges and equipment take up at least half of the width of the Chicago River. The configuration of these barges may vary as equipment and supply barges are delivered to and from the zone on a regular basis and periodically moved within the zone. There may be long delays.

This section of the Chicago River should be considered a hazardous construction zone. Boaters should avoid transiting the zone unless necessary. If boaters must transit the zone, please exercise extreme caution. Boaters are responsible for observing the following:

U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Rules (COMDTINST M16672.2D)
Travel single file; do not overtake another vessel
Maintain a safe speed
Maintain minimal wake
Monitor channel 16 on your marine radio
No fishing

Thank you for your cooperation

Chicago Harbor Safety Committee


LMYA Annual Meeting

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The annual get together of the Lake Michigan Yachting Association is scheduled for November 14, 2015. The location of this year’s annual meeting has yet to be determined.

Officers, delegates, and members of the LMYA are invited to attend. This meeting will cover the annual business of the club as well as a luncheon, which will cost about $9 per person. The schedule of events is as follows:

Registration                 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
Luncheon                      12:30
Business Meeting        immediately following the luncheon


Illinois Open House

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The annual Open House of the LMYA and Illinois River Basin Boating Association will be hosted at the Starved Rock Yacht Club on Labor Day Weekend 2014. Please join us from August 27th thru September 1st for the combined open house of these two organizations in the Illinois area.

Wisconsin Region Rendezvous – Port Washington

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The 26th annual Wisconsin Region LMYA Rendezvous will be held at the Port Washington Yacht Club at Port Washington Marina from June 19th to 21st, 2015. Registration packages will be sent to sustaining members in Wisconsin by mid April, 2015. Join the party for a great gathering, good food, and some new Saturday night party activities at the Port Washington Yacht Club. For more details, see the  March issue of the Spreader.

South Shore Yacht Club Open House

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The South Shore Yacht Club – LMYA Open House dates are July 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2015. This gathering features fun, games, prizes, a dance contest, a giant auction of great gifts, bands, and wonderful meals. LMYA members can get special free dockage privileges for one night with your LMYA cruising card which will save you more than the cost of your annual membershp fee in one weekend. For further information, watch the March issue of the Spreader or contact George Graubner, Open House Chairperson at South Shore Yacht Club, 2300 East Nock St, Milwaukee, WI  53207.

Queen’s Cup Race to South Haven, 2015

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Queen’s Cup Race to South Haven, MI from South Shore Yacht Club.

The 77th annual Queen’s Cup challenge race will be held on June 26th, 2015, starting at South Shore Yacht Club and finishing at South Haven, Michigan. There will be a party on Thursday night prior to the race featuring a band and lots of food and drinks. For more details and entry information, see the South Shore website at ssyc.org or call 414-481-2331.